Our History

In 1986, The Clarity Process℠ Basic Class was first taught separately by Linda Bedre through A New Way, and by Michael Vaughn through Loving Well Institute. Sharing a deep friendship, and long time connection, Michael and Linda came together in 2002 and began to focus and expand the separate communities of listeners to facilitate and formalize the development of The Clarity Process


Primarily through personal referrals, many people have learned and are continuing to use The Clarity Process℠ to affect change in their daily lives, relationships, and in the world.  People came together and a loose community was spontaneously created.


Through classes, groups and individual sessions, participants have learned to connect with their hearts, listen with compassion, allow for differences, respect and care for themselves and others in a healthy way.  They have gained clarity around decisions, and grown closer to people they love. 


With encouragement and assistance from community colleagues, the vision of Clarity Center as a non-profit was created in 2009.  A non-profit organization governed by consensus can reach out to as many people as possible, as well as to provide a structure for interested facilitators to grow. A broad range of philosophies form the core tenets of The Clarity Process℠ allowing for as many differences as possible: 12-Step programs, peer-counseling, family of origin, family systems, etc. The community of leadership was formalized to support the growing community of listeners.


Linda and Michael serve as mentors to the facilitators and also teach classes, and lead events. They offer information developed from almost 40 years of experience - each.  They are both on the board and Linda is the Program Director to provide for continuity and stability.


"Throughout the years, we have gained a broad spectrum of knowledge about teaching, community, and how to listen and support others, while deepening our relationship, and caring for ourselves.  We have not only mentored many people, but have also been honored to learn from them. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide service to people that so profoundly impacts their lives as well as ours.  

Thank you.“

Linda & Michael