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Appreciations for Clarity Center

What Participants Are Saying

Facing my husband’s sudden death, still fresh, was the lowest I had ever felt in my life -  despondency, depression and suicidal thoughts consumed my being. 

Most of my hope had disappeared - extinguished by fear, grief, illness and distrust. 


But recently, I ventured out of the depths of despair. After allowing myself to fully face, physically express, and process the lowest of all feelings, I have come up to the surface from the bottom of the sea.
Today, I notice I can think clearly and decide to HOPE and Dream again!


Thank you for The Clarity Process, for Chicha’s listening, Linda’s many years of  support, and for my best friend and her daughter.


It is still very hard, but I will keep reaching.

~Terri - Houston, TX

Thank you for your generous donation to Shelly Roth for their presentation "Gender 101-Shedding Light on Gender Identity". They generously donated the money to AFCI (Association for Family and Community Integrity), Houston. This money will help us maintain our domains for one year.

~Sara Fernandez - Houston, TX

Just by being listened to without judgement and with an open heart, my life has transformed in ways that I would have never imagined.  And inside of myself - I found the treasures of hope, possibility and wonder.  Being listened to gave me my life back.  With deep appreciation and love!

~Kirsten B. - Houston, TX

It is magic to be a part of Rebecca's classes. Rebecca's depth of understanding of the process, combined with her creativity help us stay engaged, stick with it,  and be able to apply our learning to our daily lives.  Rebecca's passion for seeing others clearly, continuously reaching for their best and highest selves is a testimony to both her unique approach to life and to The Clarity Process itself.  Where there is this kind of delighted attention, profound shifts follow.

~LD - Houston, TX

I would recommend the classes and workshops to anyone.  The information presented has expanded my awareness, increased my self acceptance and happiness, improved my relationships and provided support through some difficult times.  I hope everyone is blessed to find their way to Clarity Center.

~Mary Anne Casey - Houston, TX

Coming to Clarity Center over 10 years ago, I began a journey of discovery that has transformed my life from a path of destruction to one of immense growth and cooperation.   Today, I can’t imagine my life without the Clarity Center in it.  What I’ve found to be true, quoting Michael Vaughn, “my life works better when I’m listened to”.

~James Edwards - Houston, TX

The Clarity Process itself is a game changer.  Embracing the process and sticking with it has the capacity to shift the stuck places in our lives in a more profound way than I’ve seen with other processes.  

~LD - Houston, TX

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