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Our Facilitators

The Certified Facilitators go through a rigorous process (minimum of 4 years).  After attending classes and listening groups, using The Clarity Process℠ to gain new perspectives, enhance their daily lives and relationships, Facilitators are certified by the Board of Directors.


The facilitators do not offer advice, diagnose, or assign labels.  We are coaches and mentors.  We strive to listen awarely and support each person in gaining clarity, connection, and perspective in their lives. 


We listen to each person and facilitate their learning how to listen in order to eliminate that which gets in the way of making excellent decisions and taking actions.

We offer one-way sessions, as well as groups and classes.


Through experience and education, and persistence and determination in healing her past, Linda has gained keen insights, developed her quick mind, and nurtured a calm and authentic style, grounded in personal experience.

Rebecca's enthusiasm, presence, infectious laugh and smile, and her deep caring for people in our world, allows compassion to shine through in how she facilitates and listens.

Michael is a compassionate listener, and an ally to young people, especially males.  His safe demeanor and gentle spirit make him a good listener for people of all backgrounds. 

Chicha Glass


Her quiet engaging energy, and gentle way of approaching people allows for many to feel safe and share deeply with her. In addition to assisting in classes and organizing retreats, she works with individuals and young adults.

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