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As of December 20, 2020, Clarity Center for A New Way will officially close its doors.  Due to the pandemic, the resources are no longer available for us to fund the non-profit.  The facilitators will continue teaching classes, seeing clients, and using and sharing The Clarity Process independently.  (more info here)

We wish to thank all of our clients and supporters from over the years, along with everyone who continues to use The Clarity Process in order to live a bigger, clearer life.  This has been a grand adventure and we couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you, and with much appreciation,
Clarity Center Board of Directors
Rebecca Lowe, Linda Bedre, Michael Vaughn, Lara Dolnik, & Susie Chaumont

When we originally formed Clarity Center as an organization, we did so to build a thriving community for growth.  Over the past 11 years, we achieved this and more.  Since 2009 we have provided over 7500 listening hours at no, or greatly reduced cost to the participant.  We have held 12 different weekly class series each year, with 2 - 4 listening support groups each month. We have introduced The Clarity Process to many new groups of people who might not have had access to support.  We have reached those in Houston, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and other cities.  Along the way, our goal has been to facilitate personal healing as well as healing in our communities, cities, and beyond.  The Clarity Process will continue to be a tool for growth and change, far beyond the lifetime of Clarity Center as a non profit.