The Clarity Process

Women's Topic Day

Shorter than a retreat, longer than the  Women's Listening Group,

Topic Days offer a wonderful opportunity to build closeness and connections, while deepening and widening our support systems.

New information will be presented in a safe and healing environment. Each woman will also have an opportunity to be supported, and to support other women in a group setting. The energy derived from participating in a group can be powerful, and can assist you in moving your life forward in your journey towards a richer and more joy-filled life.

Each Topic Day is a different experience.  The leaders offer information on topics of interest to women with ample time for processing in small listening groups, and working with women "up front" (optional). 


The day is open to any woman by invitation, or through participation in  The Clarity Process℠ classes.

Facilitated by
Linda Bedre

with assistants


For more information, contact Linda Bedre

Sliding Scale: $75-$150

Payment can be made by cash or check payable to

Clarity Center for A New Way 


10:30 - 4:30

2019 Dates TBD

1132 Herkimer St, Houston, TX 77008

(713) 802-1139

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