The Clarity Process

Men's Retreats

Men's retreats offer opportunities to connect with other men in the community, develop deeper support systems, and gather new information in a safe and healing environment.

The annual Spring Men's Retreat was started in 1990 by a group of men led by Michael Vaughn. This retreat has been a significant milestone of many men's ongoing recovery.

The retreat is led by a collaborative effort each year.  There is time for connection, information sharing, demonstration sessions, small listening groups, relaxation, fun, creativity, music, and great food.

Each retreat is a different experience.  The leaders offer information on topics of interest to men, as well as creativity, celebration, and sometimes ceremony.

Facilitated by
James Edwards

with rotating

collaborative leadership


For more information, contact James Edwards

Registration opens 1 month before each retreat

More information will be sent after registration

2020 Dates

Feb 21 - 23

Sept TBD

Spring Retreat:

Margaret Austin Center

4th Weekend in February


Fall Retreat:

Location TBD
4th Weekend in September

Open to any man who has taken 
The Clarity Process℠ Basic Class, or by invitation.

1132 Herkimer St, Houston, TX 77008

(713) 802-1139

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