Policies & Guidelines

These guidelines are to help create and maintain a safe space for participants.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



The Clarity Process℠ works best when all members of the class agree to keep anything said in class and within their sessions, completely confidential. This agreement is a requirement for participation in any class/workshop/support group. This means, not talking about or referring to what is said to anyone else or to the person who shares.



Please do not use mood altering substances and activities before classes and events.  These substances (tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, work, sugar, internet, etc.) can inhibit the ability to fully use The Clarity Process℠.  Substances/activities interrupt the ability to think clearly and often contribute to other challenges in  life.



Some people are extremely allergic, so we ask that you not wear fragrances to Clarity Center.  Cooperation means more people get to participate!  This includes attendance in classes, groups or private sessions.  Some fragrances to avoid: cologne, perfume, lotions, hair products, laundry aids, fabric softeners, shaving lotion, smoke, etc.  If it smells, please don't wear it.


The primary activity of participants in The Clarity Process℠ Classes/Groups is that of learning how to listen deeply, encouraging emotional release, and fostering the development of supportive and mutual relationships within the context of sharing time. We suggest not engaging in other relationships - such as romantic, business or friendships with people you meet for the first time in the classes/group. This will keep the time together clear and more productive.

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