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Early Memories Workshop

Early memories, whether remembered or not, lead to patterns that can keep us stuck in our relationships with money, food, people, substances, sex, and so on.  This workshop provides a powerful experience to support healing in these and other areas of our lives.

Early memories are the foundation to the patterns we carry and the choices that we make in our lives. Using The Clarity Process℠, we can continue to process early memories to gain more clarity, and lessen the intensity of later experiences.  There may be processing to complete around our birth and pre-birth, early separations, deaths or divorce, violence, abuse, illness, moving, sibling and peer relationships, or an entry into the world that was less than welcoming.

Feelings of fear often come up when thinking about attending a workshop because we may have been ridiculed or hurt in groups, including our families, peers, school, religious and work environments. At a workshop you can allow these feelings to surface and use the safety and attention at the workshop for self-healing. As you heal from early memories, your life can shift profoundly in areas that don’t seem at all connected. 


The opportunity this workshop provides is one of safety, process and contradiction.  It is a way to use courage to push through isolation and fear. We can build closeness in our relationships, as well as heal and have fun. The workshop offers you respect and permission to connect and process deeply. You can expand or develop your support system.  Your private sessions can move along faster and can be more productive. Many people come back year after year to deepen their experience and to share with others. Please consider attending at least once. If attending feels hard or you have questions or need more information, speak with your facilitator.

Facilitated by
Linda Bedre

& Michael Vaughn


For more information, contact Linda Bedre

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after registration

June 12 - 13, 2020

1132 Herkimer St, Houston, TX 77008

(713) 802-1139

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