The High Cost of Clutter

Reclaim your energy, time, and peace of mind

  • A workshop for anyone who has completed a Basic Class Series

  • Examine feelings and beliefs attached to stuff 

  • Explore patterns which prevent us from thinking clearly and taking action.

  • Spend the day learning new tools, and processing the stuff that gets in the way of beauty and order

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your accumulated stuff?

Have you been wanting to downsize, simplify, or declutter, but remain stuck?

What gets in the way of having beauty and order in your life despite your best intentions?

The cost of clutter in our lives can be enormous in terms of our health, energy and emotional well-being.  With the support of the group you will have an opportunity to process feelings in a safe and healing environment.

New information will be presented along with inspiring personal examples and a practical method which will enable you to take action with self-compassion, and change your life.

Facilitated by
Chicha Glass 

with assistants


For more information, contact Chicha Glass

Sliding Scale: $75 - $150

Snacks & drinks will be provided.  Bring your own lunch.

Payment can be made by cash or check payable to

Clarity Center for A New Way 

March 17, 2018

9:30am - 4:30pm

1132 Herkimer St, Houston, TX 77008

(713) 802-1139

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