Annual Men's Retreats

  • At the Spring Men’s Retreat, Michael Vaughn announced that he would no longer be leading the annual retreats. While there was some sadness, the men’s community got the chance to appreciate Michael for his leadership of the retreats for the past 30 years. He will remain in leadership in the community, but taking a less active role.

  • James Edwards stepped up to take the reins and lead the organizing and teaching of the future men’s retreats.  He has assembled a support team so that the men’s retreats can continue being a place for healing and growth for another 30 years.


  • Chicha Glass, who has been supporting leaders and clients for many years, has also decided to step back from formal leadership in our community. She has two sweet grandchildren that she wants to spend more time with, as well as other interests she wants to pursue. We wish her well, and look forward to seeing her at occasional events.  We are grateful for her longtime commitment to the community and its sustainability.

  • Eileen Nehiley has decided to broaden and formalize her leadership at Clarity Center. She will be teaching / assisting with classes more frequently, as well as seeing private clients.

New Programs

  • Rebecca Lowe is laying the foundation to renew women’s weekend workshops. She will lead a new workshop assisted by other up-and-coming leaders in the community.

  • We have been contacted by another non-profit to partner with them in training their staff / board / volunteers how to listen and support each other during critical times in their organization, and are currently working out the details.

  • We are looking forward to ‘taking it on the road’ and making presentations to corporations about how they can use The Clarity Process with their staff in meetings and in creating a supportive office environment.  Mary Anne Casey has kept the ball rolling with this project, creating a multi-media presentation that speaks especially to corporate life and supporting folks in it.

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