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The Clarity Process℠ 

Basic Class

  • Learn how to listen 

  • Reclaim a sense of your true self 

  • Develop a system of  support 

  • Reconnect to the natural expression of emotion

We will explore and begin to process how experiences from the culture and our families are connected to how we conduct, and often limit our lives today.

We will practice making decisions to contradict those behaviors in order to reclaim the best possible life.  We will learn that as we are listened to, and supported, it is possible to release feelings that get in the way of thinking clearly, and finding personal solutions.  


The Clarity Process℠ offers insights and information about human behavior that can be used in daily life and applied to personal healing and growth.   

Facilitated by
Rebecca Lowe

with assistants


Class size is limited, please reserve space before the first class by emailing Rebecca Lowe

$30-$50/class or $275-$350 if paid in full at the beginning of the 10 week series

Payment can be made by cash or check payable to

Clarity Center for A New Way 

2020 Basic Class Series Dates

Jan 14 - March 17

Tuesdays 6:30 - 9pm

1132 Herkimer St, Houston, TX 77008

(713) 802-1139

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