Rebecca's enthusiasm, presence, infectious laugh and smile, and her deep caring for people in our world, allows compassion to shine through in how she facilitates and listens.  Her innate understanding of people, aware sense of injustice, and knowledge of history and culture, allows her to create safety and connection with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Her attention, insights, skills, and ability to explain and illustrate concepts, makes her an excellent facilitator of The Clarity Process℠ classes.


She cares deeply about creating peace, both personally and for the planet.  Her connection to creativity and expression, and the value of people reclaiming  their voices and following their hearts is the reason she does this work.

Besides being a founding director of Clarity Center for A New Way, Rebecca has worked with various arts non-profits for many years.  She has held onto a vision of how the world would be if people could really listen to and respect each other.  


She has been studying and using The Clarity Process℠ for over 15 years and is an artist of many mediums.  She is especially excited to be able to merge her artistic passion with The Clarity Process℠ to lead others to reclaim their own creativity, clear thinking and ability to formulate new solutions.

Rebecca has been teaching the Basic Class since 2009 and is amazed how much she gets to learn every time.  She also mentors other leaders, facilitates a monthly Open Listening Group, and presents off-site programs to other non-profits and institutions.

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