Lara A. Dolnik

Lara A. Dolnik specializes in human growth potential, team & leadership development and compelling communications. She has a law degree and a first class honors degree in psychology, with a dissertation in identity and persuasion. She is also an ICF Certified Coach (PCC), a  Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, a Systems Coach and Facilitator, and is certified in Myers Briggs and Eq-I.  


Lara has spent the past 20 years delivering communications strategies, witness preparation and coaching for executives, lawyers and technical experts in significant circumstances across the globe.  


Whether with teams, during workshops, or one-to-one, Lara’s sessions cultivate an awareness and curiosity in clients that produce exceptional insights and real world results that endure.


She empowers her clients to find their authentic voice, claim their story and tell it compellingly, especially under hostile, crisis conditions.  Learning and utilizing  The Clarity Process℠ is a natural extension for her public and private work.  As a participant and supporter of Clarity Center since 2012, the next step was leadership coupled with outreach.

Her unflagging devotion to The Clarity Process℠  along with her clear and focused listening has been a great asset to our community.  She has been volunteering as an assistant in classes, but is also interested in special projects: fundraising, networking, and presenting Clarity Center to a broader platform of organizations for collaboration to reach more people.  As our newest addition to the Board, she brings a fresh perspective and new connections.

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