About The Clarity Process

The Clarity Process℠ teaches people how to listen to each other with compassion, dignity and respect. We encourage each person to remember their goodness and to regain trust in themselves and their personal connections to others. We notice that, as people are listened to deeply, they gain clarity in their thinking and are more connected with themselves and others in their lives.

The Clarity Process℠ is a way of listening that allows individuals to free their thinking from the effects of painful experiences and the confusion it produces. A listener using The Clarity Process℠ creates a safe and confidential space in which a speaker can share issues of concern, acts of courage and strength, or times of joy, creativity, and adventure.

We support each person in remembering that there is a profound internal “knowingness” that can be trusted.  Answers to challenges are ultimately found within. As participants are listened to with delight and respect, and supported well, they release confusion, disappointment and other emotions that get in the way of thinking clearly, finding personal solutions, or leading and cooperating with others.

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